Goethe’s Mephistopheles ruminates on Faust

Goethe’s Mephistopheles (In Faust’s long gown.)
Reason and Science you despise,
Mans highest powers: now the lies
Of the deceiving spirit must bind you
With those magic arts that blind you,
And Ill have you, totally
Fate gave him such a spirit
It urges him ever onwards, wildly,
And, in his hasty striving, he has leapt
Beyond all earths ecstasies.
Ill drag him through raw life,
Through the meaningless and shallow,
Ill freeze him: stick to him: keep him ripe,
Frustrate his insatiable greed, allow
Food and drink to drift before his eyes:
In vain hell beg for consummation,
And if he werent the devils, why
Hed still go to his ruination!

Pasted from <http://www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/German/FaustIScenesIVtoVI.htm>