We receive a lot of spam. You might too. You may have come here because some spam you received appeared to come from here. If that’s the case, and you know how to view your e-mail’s source code (not just what your mail program shows you), go on over to Spamcop to find out where your spam really came from. As this is written, we are getting bounces from spam sent by someone pretending to be “” It happens.

Report spammers often, but be sure to cover your tracks because reporting spam sure brings in more. We started reporting spam from an e-mail address never used. In no time at all, it was getting more spam than all other addresses in this domain combined. That brings up our view about privacy – protect your own.

Our policy on privacy is this: we don’t share e-mail addresses and we don’t track users. However, we do keep any e-mail sent to us, and we report spam. We don’t spam.

Our policy on spam is this: we support the legal killing of spammers. We think spamming should be a capital offense, and although we are not sure we want to see public executions; we think just one or two would be okay. In fact, we think that might be all it takes to bring the rest to their anti-social senses.

But of course we mean the legal killing of spammers. We don’t support waiting in the pickup truck outside some spammer’s parent’s suburban home waiting for the light in the basement to go out.

We hate the little sociopaths. They see a common thing and they take it. They don’t respect the Internet. If everyone uses it nicely, it will be a great thing, but if a few misuse it, it will degrade to their level. Spammers suck resources, including people’s time and attention. They exploit our openness and our willingness to share. We look forward to the end of spam.