How to beat the devil

How to Make the Devil go Away:

Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.
• James, IV. 7

How to make the devil go away? We’ve come across suggestions over time. Flesh is weak. Knowledge is power.

  • Laugh, ridicule
  • Deal
  • Face him. Demand his name
  • Command him in Jesus’ name
  • Faith
  • Prayer (including the Lord’s Prayer and specific Catholic prayers)
  • Name of Jesus
  • Sign of the cross
  • Fasting
  • Blowing on him (simulating the breath of God)
  • The sound of a shofar.
  • Exorcism
  • Bible and relics and rituals
  • Music (Martin Luther – “the devil cannot stand gaiety.”)
  • Avoid temptation (Martin Luther – Seek out pleasant company). Stop sinning.
  • Hang a horseshoe over your door (

This list is just a partial list, and if you think you’re under attack from a devil we suggest you consider what Europe did – apply reason.