The Revolution of 1525

Peasants rebellion was most severe in areas including Erfurt, Wurttemberg, etc. These are areas closely associated with the real Faust (living approx. 1480 – 1540).

“…the German Peasants’ War, the largest insurrection in European history before the French Revolution.”

Psychologically, the revolution was a major event in the early Protestant Reformation: it strengthened the convictions of some that religious abuses formed the main reasons for rebellion; it bolstered the arguments of others that the new doctrines had caused the revolution. “

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See this same site for multiple interesting articles: (The Grievances of Rural Subjects – Kempten (Upper Swabia) (1492), Cannibalism at Breisach (1638) , The Terrible Year (1635) and the Peace of Prague ) for descriptions of life.