Cagliostro Timeline

Interactive timeline of the life and travels of Count Cagliostro, the Great Magician and Sage.

Cagliostro never admitted to being the thief Balsamo from the slums of Palermo, except perhaps when tortured by the Inquisition. Consequently, we present their timelines separately and in two colours – Balsamo in brown and Cagliostro, below, in green. Is it only the result of prejudicial investigation that the two never overlap?

1743 1776 1786 1795

Click and drag any of the four bars. Click on individual items.

Type into the Filter box to limit according to the text you type. Type into the Highlight boxes to highlight the items with that text in the indicated colour in the top/bottom (narrow) bars.

A great many dates are estimated as Cagliostro traveled a great deal and slipped in and out of the record books. Thus entire years are accounted for with a wave of a hand over a part of the globe. It is in these periods that Balsamo seems to morph further into Cagliostro, becoming grander, more enigmatic and occult.

Consequently, the dates given are usually vague and only suggestive. They will show a period of a month if the reference said “in the month of,” or will start on the 15th if the source says “in the latter half.” Thus, a range will be shown for what was an instantaneous event. Date ranges are also a little generous, tending to ignore travel time and preferring to overlap with other residencies in order to avoid being too narrow.

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