A few references to potions from Goethe’s Faust

[A few references to potions from Goethe’s Faust:]

Goethe’s Witch’s Kitchen:

“With this drink in your body, soon you’ll greet
A Helena in every girl you meet.”

[A potion is given to Gretch to give to her mom. But the difference between a medicine and a poison, they say (Paracelsus said), is in the dose ( target=”_blank”>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dose_makes_the_poison). It doesn’t go well. It kills her:]

Margaret. Ah, if I only slept apart!
For you I’d gladly leave the bolt undrawn tonight,
But then my mother’s sleep is light;
And were we found by her, dear heart,
I would fall dead upon the spot!

Faust. No need of that! You angel, fear it not!
Here is a little phial Only three
Drops in her drink, and pleasantly
Deep slumber will enfold her like a charm!

Margaret. For your sake what would I not do?
I hope it will not do her harm!

Faust. If so, my love, would I thus counsel you?

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