After this…

After this, the spirit Mephostophiles came to him and said unto him: If thou are henceforth steadfast in thy commitment, then will I tickle thy lust otherwise, so that in thy days thou wilt wish naught else than this–namely: if thou canst not live chastely, then will I lead to thy bed any day or night whatever woman thou seest in this city or elsewhere. Whosoever might please
thy lust, and whomever thou might desire in lechery, she shall abide with thee in such a figure and form.
Doctor Faustus was so intrigued by this that his heart trembled with joys and his original proposal rued him. And he did then come into such libidinousness and debauchery that he yearned day and night after the figure of the beautiful women in such excellent forms, dissipating today with one devil and having another on his mind tomorrow.

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