Chorus. Christopher Marlowe,. 1909-14. Doctor Faustus.

Now is he born, his parents base of stock,
In Germany, within a town call’d Rhodes;
Of riper years to Wittenberg he went,
Whereas his kinsmen chiefly brought him up.
So soon he profits in divinity,
The fruitful plot of scholarism grac’d,
That shortly he was grac’d with doctor’s name,
Excelling all those sweet delight disputes
In heavenly matters of theology;
Till swollen with cunning, of a self-conceit,
His waxen wings did mount above his reach,
And, melting, Heavens conspir’d his overthrow;
For, falling to a devilish exercise,
And glutted [now] with learning’s golden gifts,
He surfeits upon cursed necromancy.

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Chorus. Marlowe, Christopher. 1909-14. Doctor Faustus. The Harvard Classics

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