John Dee expresses his hopes and devotion…

[John Dee expresses his hopes and devotion, and in doing so, speaks the early prayers and longings of Faust.]

Ad Deum Omnipotentem Protestatio fidelis: ad perpetuam rei memoriam Anno 1582. O God Almighty, thow knowest, & art my director, and witnes herein, That I have from my youth up, desyred & prayed unto the for pure & sownd wisdome and understanding of some of thy truthes naturall and artificiall: such, as by which, thy wisdome, goodnes & powre bestowed in the frame of the word might be brought, in some bowntifull measure under the Talent of my capacitie, to thy honor & glory, & the benefit of thy Servants, my brethern & Sistern, in, & by thy Christ our Saviour. And for as much as, many yeers, in many places, far & nere, in many bokes, & sundry languages, I have sowght, & studyed; and with sundry men conferred, and with my owne reasonable discourse labored, whereby to fynde or get some ynckling, glyms, or beame of such the forsaid radicall truthes: But, (to be brief) after all my forsaid endevor I could fynde no other way, to such true wisdome atteyning, but by thy extraordinary gift: and by no vulgar schole doctrine, or humane Invention. Pasted from <>

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