The accusations against Dee were many and various…

“The accusations against Dee were many and various, but focused not on his religious leanings so much as his links with mathematics and magic. “In those dark times,” the seventeenth-century historian John Aubrey wrote of Dee’s era, “astrologer, mathematician and conjuror were accounted the same things.” This was certainly the case with Dee. He was charged with “calculating,” “conjuring,” and “witchcraft” on the grounds that he had drawn up horoscopes for Mary, her husband Philip of Spain, and Elizabeth. He was probably guilty. The remnant of his diary for this period includes an entry (inaccurately transcribed by Elias Ashmole) showing the date and time of Mary’s marriage to Philip, and noting that the rising sign at the moment of their wedding- 11 A.M., 25 July 1554-was Libra (a good omen, as Libra was the sign associated with marriage or partnership, ruled by Venus).”

The Queen’s Conjurer, The Science and Magic of Dr John Dee – Benjamin Woolley

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