The most famous predictions about European and world affairs

The famous Nostradamus:

“The most famous predictions about European and world affairs were made by the French astrologer Nostradamus(1503–66), however many astrologers dispute whether many of his prophecies were based on astrology. Nostradamus became famous after the publication in 1555 of his work Centuries, which was a series of prophecies in cryptic verse. The obscure predictions have been interpreted as relating to a great variety of events, including the French and English Revolutions, and the Second World War.

In 1556 Nostradamus was summoned to the French court by Catherine de Medici and commissioned to draw up the horoscopes of the royal children.

According to Francis Bacon in his essay Of Prophesies Nostradamus foretold the death of King Henry II of France: “When I was in France, I heard from one Dr Pena, that the queen mother, who was given to curious arts, caused the king, her husband’s, nativity to be calculated, under a false name; and the astrologer (Nostradamus) gave a judgment, that he should be killed in a duel; at which the queene laughed, thinking her husband to be above challenges and duels; but he was slaine, upon a course at tilt, the splinters of the staffe of Montgomery going in at his beaver.” Although Nostradamus later fell out of favour with many in the court and was accused of witchcraft, Catherine continued to support him and patronized him until his death.”

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