The navigator John Davis was one of John Dee’s buddies

[The navigator John Davis was one of John Dee’s buddies (and probable student), as were explorers Walter Raleigh and his half-brothers. John Dee’s alliances pre-dated Christopher Marlowe’s purported one with Raleigh’s group.]

“John Davis or Davis (c. 1550 – 29 December 1605) was one of the chief English navigators and Elizabeth I. He led several voyages to discover the Northwest Passage, served as pilot and captain on both Dutch and English voyages to the East Indies. He discovered the Falkland Islands (today a British Overseas Territory) in August 1592.

Davis was born in the Parish of Stoke Gabriel circa 1550 and spent his childhood in Sandridge. It has been suggested that he learned much of his seamanship as a child while plying boats along the river Dart, and went to sea at an early age. His childhood neighbors included Adrian and Humphrey Gilbert and their half-brother Walter Raleigh. From early on, he also became friends with John Dee.”

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