The Revolution of 1525

The Revolution of 1525

Peasants rebellion was most severe in areas including Erfurt, Wurttemberg, etc. These are areas closely associated with the real Faust (living approx. 1480 – 1540).

“…the German Peasants’ War, the largest insurrection in European history before the French Revolution.”

Psychologically, the revolution was a major event in the early Protestant Reformation: it strengthened the convictions of some that religious abuses formed the main reasons for rebellion; it bolstered the arguments of others that the new doctrines had caused the revolution. “

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See this same site for multiple interesting articles: (The Grievances of Rural Subjects – Kempten (Upper Swabia) (1492), Cannibalism at Breisach (1638) , The Terrible Year (1635) and the Peace of Prague ) for descriptions of life.



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