What is my disease?

From “The Casebooks Project

The website provides access to the case history books of two of England’s most active and prominent professional astrologers of the late 16th/early seventeenth century, beginning three years after the death of Marlowe:

“What is my disease? Am I pregnant? Will I die? These are the sorts of questions that thousands of people asked Simon Forman and Richard Napier, two of the most popular astrologers in early modern England. Through four busy decades, Forman and Napier recorded more than 50,000 consultations. Their casebooks are probably the richest surviving records of medical practice before 1700. They provide a unique view of the lives of ordinary — and extraordinary — people four centuries ago. Our freely available electronic edition will combine sophisticated editorial expertise and cutting-edge digital humanities to make these records accessible as never before.”

See <https://casebooks.lib.cam.ac.uk/>

Simon Forman in http://books.google.com/books?id=S7U_AAAAcAAJ&dq=Simon William Lilly’s history of his life and times from the year 1602 to 1681, by William Lilly.

(Astrology in those times