A collection of things Faust

Image of crying cherubThe legend, books, music, and art generally preferring the years 1400-1800. Links to on-line books, plays, and musical scores.


Dec 2010: There are new pages on cartomancy and tarot, including an interactive cartomancy and tarot timeline. The general de-Wikipedia-tion of Faust continues, and our wealth and power grows….

“Ye Spirits of Inferno, …tremble before Faustus, for now will he force you to declare your deepest mysteries, and to yield up those hidden treasures that have too long mouldered in the bowels of the earth!” (From Dr. Johannes Faustus, puppet play)

“Now let this my hideous end be an example unto you so long as ye may live, and a remembrance to love God and to entreat Him to protect you from the guile and the deceit of the Devil, praying that the Dear Lord will not lead you into temptation.

Cling ye unto Him, falling not away from Him as I damned godless mortal have done, despising and denying Baptism (Christ’s own Sacrament), God, all the Heavenly Host and mankind–such a sweet God, who desireth not that one shall be lost.

Shun bad company, which would lead you astray as it hath me, go earnestly and often to church, war and strive constantly against the Devil with a steadfast faith in Christ and always walking a godly path.”(From the Faustbuch)